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Should you Hire a Professional to Close and Winterize your Swimming Pool?

If you’re considering hiring a professional for winterizing your swimming pool, you are making a wise decision. Professionals will not only do the job right but you won’t have to worry about errors on your part or the hassle of doing the work. Many people try to save money by doing it themselves but closing …


Should you Use a Mesh or Solid Safety Cover?

If you’re trying to decide what the best type of cover for your pool is, you may be torn between mesh and solid safety covers. With summer coming to an end, it’s important to start closing the pool and that means it’s time to cover it up for the winter. You want the pool to …


What does it Cost to Replace your Pool Liner?

The pool liner is a very important part of your swimming pool. If it’s not in good shape, it could cause all types of issues. When it comes time to replace the liner, it’s important to understand how much this will cost. The cost of your pool liner replacement actually includes two costs: The price …


Should you Add an Above Ground Pool Heater This Year?

Living in a cooler climate means you already have a shorter swimming season. However, with the right above ground pool heater, you can extend your season and swim longer this year. There are multiple ways to heat an above ground pool. Here are a few of the things to consider before you make your final …


What are the Pros and Cons of Automatic Pool Cleaners?

Owning a swimming pool can be quite a bit of fun. However, if you spend all day Saturday cleaning the pool just to swim in it for a few hours on Sunday, it may be more of a hassle than fun. You can use an automatic pool cleaner instead and get more use out of …