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Choosing a suction pool cleaner is a big decision. This type of cleaner provides a number or benefits including the ability to clean up smaller debris, scrub the pool walls and it's often less expensive than other types of automatic pool cleaners. If you're considering a suction pool cleaner to save time and money, you need to make sure you get the best. Brander's Pool Service will help you make the right decision and we only carry the top-of-the-line choices. AQUAVAC PRO NavigatorPro3-4R-300x300 The Navigator Pro uses SmartDrive technology for better steering. This is a silent cleaner with a programmed set of turns making it a great way to clean your pool automatically. A more thorough cleaning is provided as the cleaner is powered by the existing filtration system. This means you don’t have to spend more to boost your pump and get a cleaner pool.
  • Perfect for any residential pool
  • SmartDrive exclusive technology allows for programmed steering and more efficiency in the cleaning process
  • Uses current pool's filtration system with advanced suction technology for better cleaning
  • Operates silently without any pulsating hoses or noisy parts
  • Connect and start using in less than 10 minutes!
ZODIAC MX8 Pool Cleaning Robot with Highly Efficient Suction MX8_1If you want a cleaning robot ready to battle the toughest debris and dirt in your pool, the Zodiac MX8 is the right choice for you. With dual cyclonic suction, this cleaner can deliver a better experience, faster. The wider vacuum power provides better cleaning with 30% less flow. This cleaner also comes with an ultra-efficient design to ensure you use less energy, but still get the cleaning power you desire. It works great with sola, variable-speed and 2-speed pumps. With a larger cleaning path than most other models, the MX8 handles the job faster. It can even pick up larger debris with the lager vacuum inlet. With this cleaner, you also get maX-drive technology, which makes it incredibly manoeuvrable and aggressive with cleaning the floor and walls of your pool. The attachments can be secured quickly with the twist locking technology. You even get 39 feet of hose to ensure the cleaner can work throughout your entire pool without an issue. Features
  • Works for any size or shape of pool with the maX-Drive navigation technology
  • Maximum suction from the Dual Cyclonic Vacuum gives you a better cleaning experience and an enhanced wall climbing ability
  • Incredible vacuum power with a wider cleaning path from the cyclonic suction
  • Picks up larger debris than most other robotic pool cleaners
  • Ultra-efficient design with low-flow, flex-power turbine
  • Provides plenty of power with less energy usages
  • Works on all pool surfaces
HYBRID RS1 hybrid-rs1-1 Ÿ A self-powered pool cleaner with the ability to generate its' own electricity, the Hybrid RS1 is perfect for those looking to save energy. The cleaner uses the water circulation to generate power for the scanning system. This helps to save you money and provide a more efficient cleaner. The drive system includes the latest technology to ensure the cleaner can maneuver through your entire pool. It includes the ability to sense the walls, slope, drain and even climb the walls as it cleans your entire pool. You gain incredible pool coverage from the CleverClean scanning algorithm built into this cleaning robot. The Hybrid RS1 will cover a mid-sized pool in about 90 minutes. You can get back to swimming in a clean pool faster with this suction pool cleaner. When you choose the Dolin Hybrid RS1 suction cleaner, you gain a suction cleaner with brushes, which is incredibly rare. The thorough brushing capabilities help to remove any bacteria and algae present in your pool. Equipped with patent-pending super-efficient turbine technology, this suction cleaner provides continuous cleaning of dirt through the turbine to the filter. IT can even handle the roughest of dirt including long palm leaves, small acorns and so much more. The efficient suction chamber provides a clean path, while scanning your swimming pool. The CleverClean software provides an escape mode as the robot identifies objects and walls before maneuvering. This allows for the cleaner to overcome obstacles, such as drain covers, which could interrupt other suction pool cleaners. The technology built into this pool cleaning robot allows for better energy saving. The Dolphin Hybrid RS1 provides better cleaning in less time, which means you use less of the energy from the pump for cleaning your swimming pool. You can even add a leaf canister to the filtration system to ensure the larger items picked up are handled properly. The cleaner does come with a skimmer adapter, automatic safety valve, flow indicator and 90-degree adapter.