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If you need a high performance pool pump, you need to make sure you get one with the ability to provide all the necessary benefits. A high performance pump for your swimming pool should be able to provide energy saving and money saving benefits. You shouldn't have to clean it as often, either. When you know the pump for you pool must be high performance, the professionals as Brander's Pool Service will help you get the right pump installed. Super II Super-II The Super II pol pump is created for high performance for both new construction and aftermarket. This pump provides an upgrade compared to medium head pumps.
  • Greater flow comes from the Full-Flow hydraulics, along with lower cost for operating.
  • High performance provided with quieter running from the airflow ventilation.
  • Heavy-duty motor with cooler operation
  • Time between cleaning extended by the 155 cubic-inch basket
  • Stable, stress-free support from the uni-bracket mounting design
  • Additional versatility for multiple installations and adaption for both 48 and 56 frame motors.
TristarTriStar The TriStar motor provides a high level of hydraulic efficiency in a pool pump with superior flow and energy efficiency. It works great for both aftermarket and new construction installations.
  • Provides the highest hydraulic efficiency in a wet-end allowing most pool owners to step down in pump size without losing performance.
  • Lower installation cost and lower operating cost due to smaller size with greater flow, which allows for less pump usage per day.
  • Dynamic airflow and greater dependability with the heavy-duty design.
  • Works with larger plumbing with the 2-inch x 2.5inch CPVC union connections.
  • Larger plumbing provides greater efficiency with energy saving and money saving features.
  • Easy to service and can be installed quickly.
  • Easier and quicker to clean with the no-rib design basket, which extends time between cleanings.