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Is weekly maintenance really necessary for my swimming pool? If you want to keep you pool clean and safe, there is a certain amount of weekly maintenance required. You may not need the full range of services provided by Brander's Pool Service, but you do need some maintenance each week. If you want to jump into your pool at any time and enjoy a clean, safe environment, one of our weekly service packages will make this possible. Why Should I consider a Pool Heater? A pool heater isn't a necessity, but in Oakville, it can help to increase the amount of time you get to enjoy your swimming pool. With the right heater, you can extend the swimming season as much as eight weeks, as you will be able to maintain a water temperature of 78-degrees or higher as long as the air is 65-degrees or higher. How can I make my swimming pool equipment last longer? If you want to get more life out of your plumbing and pump, the best thing you can do is keep the water at the proper level. You should also keep your skimmer fee of obstructions and empty the basket regularly. Why should I consider a robotic cleaner for my swimming pool? Unless you really enjoy spending your weekend cleaning the pool, a robotic cleaner should be added. This type of device will make it easier for you to just get in a clean pool whenever you want. Many of the models we carry allow you to program times for the cleaner to do its' job. What should I do if I think my pool is leaking? A leak in your swimming pool can quickly turn into a huge issue. If you think you have a leak, you should call Brander's Pool Service immediately and have a technician check out the issue. This is the best way to ensure the leak is handled properly by a professional.