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Adding a heater to your pool provides plenty of benefits. With the right type of pool heater, you can increase the length of your swimming pool season. When you choose to have Brander's Pool Service install your pool heater, you will gain the service of experts. A pool heater and keep your swimming pool between 78-and-82-degrees F throughout the entire season. This can ensure you can swim even when the air temperature is lower than 65-degrees F. For many swimming pool owners, this means an extra 4 to 8 weeks of swimming every year. HAYWARD UNIVERSAL H-SERIES HEATER H-Series_1 As one of the top energy efficient choices, the Universal H-Series is a great choice for your pool heater. It provides a high performance choice and works for many installations
  • Heat Exchanger is standard cupro nickel
  • Resistant to corrosion in both salt water and chemical water
  • Provides "Totally Managed" water flow through the cupro nickel heat exchanger
  • Faster heating with same water velocity in all tubes
  • Patented design with a by-pass header
  • Provides up to 18% energy savings with less run time
  • Union plumbing connections provide larger plumbing at 2-inch x 2.5-inch CPVC
  • Adapts to multiple sizes of plumbing with better efficiency
  • Meets clean air standards with Low NOx emissions
HAYWARD H-SERIES ELECTRONIC  (ED2) HEATER ED2 The H-Series ED2 pool heater provides an efficient choice with a low cost and maintenance. It includes direct-spark technology for added dependability and faster heating. You can keep your fuel costs down with this Hayward H-Series pool heater.
  • Stainless-steel burners
  • Finn Plate heat exchangers are corrosion-resistant
  • Made with fire tile combustion chambers and cupro nickel
  • Provides the choice of natural or propane gas installation
PENTAIR MASTERTEMP HEATER mastertemp-1_600x600 HIGH PERFORMANCE ECO-FRIENDLY HEATERS As one of the most efficient, reliable and convenient choices, MasterTemp is a great pool heater choice. It's as user-friendly as the heating system in your home. The indicator lights make monitoring and operating very easy. This swimming pool heater also provides a compact design and operates with very little noise. Enjoy leisure time in your pool with a heavy-duty heater without the annoying noise FEATURES
  • Fast heating with less wait time for higher water temperatures
  • Best-in-class for Energy Efficiency*
  • Heavy-duty made with cupro nickel exchanger to stand up to harsh water, high flow and heavy use
  • MasterTemp certified for low NOx emission
  • Outperforms normal industry standards for even more environmental-friendliness
  • Easier viewing with rotating digital displays
  • Exterior made to withstand rust and weather
* Standard Copper Heat Exchanger 84% Efficient. Heavy-duty (HD) Cupro-Nickel Heat Exchanger 82% Efficient.