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Should you Hire a Professional to Close and Winterize your Swimming Pool?


If you’re considering hiring a professional for winterizing your swimming pool, you are making a wise decision. Professionals will not only do the job right but you won’t have to worry about errors on your part or the hassle of doing the work. Many people try to save money by doing it themselves but closing a swimming pool really is best handled by the professionals. It could save you money in the long-run to hire a professional for winterizing your pool, even though it may seem more costly now. With an expensive investment such as your pool, it’s wise to spend a little more when it comes to care in order to make sure it will last you for years to come. Here are some reasons why hiring a professional to close and winterize the pool is smart. Reopening next year When it’s time to reopen the pool next year, you may have more difficulties if you’ve tried to close it yourself the winter before. This happens if the pool wasn’t closed properly. A common mistake that happen when someone isn’t experienced in closing pools is that the lines weren’t cleared of air and water and they freeze or crack requiring repair. Closing is complicated While closing and winterizing may seem simple after some experience, it involves several tasks to be performed to prepare and complete the job. While handling it yourself will save you money, it may cost in the long-run if you miss a step or do something incorrectly. Did you know you shouldn’t close a dirty pool because bacteria and algae can grow during the winter? You’ll end up with a massive springtime cleaning project when you reopen that will cost you in chemicals. What do the professionals do differently? Professionals will help you to avoid freezing and thawing damage when they handle the closing and winterizing. They have experience in knowing how to prevent seasonal damage from protecting the pool lines to the pump. You’ll have a pool treated with antifreeze, chemicals to help reduce issues with metals or staining and they will disconnect your filter to properly blow out the lines. This all requires knowledge, experience and the right equipment. In addition to cleaning and preventative maintenance, the professionals will secure the skimmer intakes and returns with winter plugs, seal exposed pipes and educate you on everything that took places for your springtime opening. They will handle the jobs that you don’t want to have to do again this summer, like emptying the skimmer baskets, balancing the chemicals in the pool, monitoring water levels and scrubbing the walls and floor properly. Just be sure to find out if they are insured, have a business license and ask about their maintenance agreement with a contract listing all of the services included. Consider these issues when deciding if you need to hire a professional to close the pool because most likely, you’ll regret not hiring one.