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Should you Use a Mesh or Solid Safety Cover?


If you’re trying to decide what the best type of cover for your pool is, you may be torn between mesh and solid safety covers. With summer coming to an end, it’s important to start closing the pool and that means it’s time to cover it up for the winter. You want the pool to stay safe during the winter season because it’s going to be a long season and cold out for a while. The two main styles of covers include the mesh and solid types which tend to be a personal preference on the pool owner. Depending on your pool situation, one may make more sense over the other for your pool. Here is a look at the differences between mesh and solid safety covers so that you can make the right decision for your pool. Why people choose mesh covers Mesh covers work to enable rain and melted snow or ice to pass through and enter into the pool. This means that you’ll need to clean it harder when the spring arrives and it’s time to reopen the pool but at least you won’t be pumping the water off of a solid cover before opening it like with solid covers. Mesh covers have other perks that attract pool owners to them as well. Mesh safety covers are not so heavy and tend to be lighter than solid cover making them easier to put on the pool in the winter and take off again in the spring. Water will seep through the material so you won’t have to struggle to remove the accumulated water that sat on top of it all winter from snow and ice. It takes a lot of energy when opening the pool to remove water accumulated on top. Debris will blow off the covers when they’re dry as well. Why solid covers may be better The best part about a solid cover is that the pool is going to stay pretty clean during the winter. It will keep leaves, dirt, debris, rain, snow and ice out of your pool as it will simply build on top of it. You won’t have to worry about debris and the elements going into your clean pool; it can’t past through the cover or get into your water with a solid cover. Mesh cover owners find debris in the pool when they remove their cover and have much more cleanup to handle. The excess water on a mesh cover will require pool owners to pump out the overflow of water and they have to spend time thoroughly cleaning the mesh cover that is covered in dirt and debris. While a solid cover can be heavier than a mesh cover and is a bit more challenging to take off and put back on, your pool is going to be more protected and cleaner. Use an automatic swimming pool cover pump all winter to simplify the process in the springtime. Many people are torn between the two options and go with a hybrid safety cover with is essentially two layers of mesh that filters the snow and ice better making the water cleaner in the spring since dirt isn’t seeping through. All of these covers are safe options and both require some maintenance in the spring but talk to a professional about your options and on the proper closing and reopening of the pool each year.