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What are the Pros and Cons of Automatic Pool Cleaners?


Owning a swimming pool can be quite a bit of fun. However, if you spend all day Saturday cleaning the pool just to swim in it for a few hours on Sunday, it may be more of a hassle than fun. You can use an automatic pool cleaner instead and get more use out of your pool. Here are the pros and the cons a few different types of automatic cleaners for swimming pools. The Pressure Pool Cleaner The pressure cleaner works off of water pressure from the pump to keep your pool clean. Some will connect to the main pump, while others may use a booster pump. The water pressure moves the cleaners throughout the pool as it scoops up debris. Pros
  • Doesn't require as much cleaning since the debris goes into an attached bag
  • Very durable and low maintenance
  • Cleans up large debris, such as dead bugs, leaves and blades of grass
  • Won't scrub the walls of your pool
  • Not very good with smaller or fine particles in the water
The Suction Pool Cleaner Another type of automatic pool cleaner is the suction cleaner. This type of cleaner will use suction to move throughout the pool and vacuum debris off the floor and the walls. The debris is sucked into your pool filter, which makes this a very effective cleaner. Pros
  • Cleans very throughout by picking up smaller particles including dirt and sand
  • Less expensive than many other automatic cleaners
  • Scrubs the walls of your pool
  • Moves more water through your filter, faster
  • Doesn't work well on larger, floating objects
  • Sends dirt into your filter, which will require more cleaning of your pump
The Robotic Pool Cleaner A cleaner with an electric motor, the robotic pool cleaner provides its own pump and filters. It will gather debris and monitor your pool with a computer chip. This type of cleaner can even be controlled remotely. Pros
  • Cleans both small and large debris from your pool
  • Scrubs the tile line and the pool walls
  • Circulates the pool water better
  • Learns how to clean your pool more efficiently over time
  • Limited by the length of the cord
  • Requires more frequent cleaning
  • More expensive than other types of cleaners
An automatic pool cleaner can make your life much easier and allow you to get more out of your swimming pool. All three of these different types are great and serve a purpose. Make sure you choose the right one for your pool and you will spend less time cleaning this year and more time swimming.