Adding a heater to your pool provides plenty of benefits. With the right type of pool heater, you can increase the length of your swimming pool season. When you choose to have Brander’s Pool Service install your pool heater, you will gain the service of experts.

A pool heater and keep your swimming pool between 78-and-82-degrees F throughout the entire season. This can ensure you can swim even when the air temperature is lower than 65-degrees F. For many swimming pool owners, this means an extra 4 to 8 weeks of swimming every year.



The industry’s smallest footprint heater allows the replacement of almost any heater in an existing pad with the efficient reliability of the new Universal HC Series dual-fuel technology heater from Hayward®. It is built to fit effortlessly with Hayward plumbing adapters, every detail has been thoughtfully engineered with easy drop-in capability in mind—its dual-fuel technology, adaptive plumbing, zero wall-clearance design, and more. And it all adds up to a durable, ultra-powerful heater with the industry’s smallest footprint.

  • Compact design: The industry’s smallest footprint heater and lightweight design makes installation easy in any environment
  • Easy-out mixing orifice: Allows for easy in-field conversion between natural gas and propane
  • Cupro-nickel heat exchanger: Protects against water corrosion and natural wear
  • Patented Butterfly bypass: Enables flow rates up to 125 GPM without extra accessories
  • Exclusive plumbing adapters: Allow for simple drop-in replacement with no pipe cutting required
  • Zero wall clearance: Fits seamlessly into smaller pads and tight spaces
  • Quick-access reversible top: easily swaps plumbing from right to left while providing access to gas shutoff, voltage selection, and more, all via a single fastener
  • Low NOx emissions: Meet clean air quality standards while providing premium heating performance.