Super II

If you need a high-performance pool pump, you need to make sure you get one with the ability to provide all the necessary benefits. A high-performance pump for your swimming pool should be able to provide energy saving and money saving benefits. You shouldn’t have to clean it as often, either.

When you know the pump for your pool must be high performance, the professionals at Brander’s Pool Service will help you get the right pump installed.

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Super II is the reliable pool pump for new construction and aftermarket that offers high-performance capabilities as an upgrade path for medium head pumps.


  • Full-flow hydraulics allow greater flow at a lower cost of operation
  • Heavy-duty, high-performance motor with airflow ventilation for quieter, cooler operation
  • 155 cubic-inch basket extends the time between cleanings
  • Uni-bracket mounting base provides stable, stress-free support. Versatility for any installation requirement by adapting to both 48- and 56-frame motors version